The story

In spring 2011, a meeting between François Simard and Pierre La Rose(1) is decisive. Pierre, Société Chemos’ President and a passionate about natural fibers, enlightened François on milkweed’s potential, this plant familiar to everyone but ignored by all .

Pierre managed to pass on his passion. After the review of research conducted by Agriculture Canada between 1989 and 1991, left unexploited since then, Simard decides to go foward: in July 2011, the « Soie Quebec » project is born.

This first project on milkweed transformation receives governement support. The numerous virtues and extraordinary characteristics of the plant’s fibre rapidly result in other projects for various applications.

The fibre’s particularities necessitate the development of specialized equipment. In autumn 2011, Protec-Style’s team started to work on the task. The numerous successes encountered lead to the formation of a company dedicated the to milkweed fibre extraction. Thus, ENCORE 3 Industries was created in July 2014 as a spin-off of Protec-Style.

In parallel to the development of applications and with the help of our partner Ferme Algo, we establish a deployment plan to produce milkweed crops. The first seeding is accomplished in autumn 2012, 100 acres, a world premier.

Note 1: In Septembre 2012, Pierre La Rose passes away at age 67, on the verge of seeing his dream becoming a reality.